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What You Need To Know About The Apple iPhone X Before Making A Purchase

Apple took a big risk when it launched one of the most expensive phones on the market – the Apple iPhone X. While Apple has been an innovator in terms of design in the past, in recent years some would say Apple has become complacent or lazy. However, the same cannot be said for Apple’s newest phone which when compared to the iPhone 8 is the most expensive version of its iPhone ever – the Apple iPhone X. The iPhone X features some incredible things to love. Below, we will be going over some of the best things about the iPhone X.

The 4 Best Features Of The Apple iPhone X For Hipsters

1. Face ID.

One of the best things about Apple’s newest phone would be the improvements made to Face ID. Face ID might not always work when you want it to, but when it does work, it will allow you to bypass entering passwords to a variety of websites. This will ultimately save you from having to constantly remember your password for each login and it will make using your phone even more simple. This feature works very similarly to fingerprint recognition, but this one enables you to login to websites by purely looking at your phone rather than having to use your hands at all. Because of this, it offers even more convenience than fingerprint security sign in.

2. Portrait Selfies.

While all of Apple’s latest models feature the ability to take portrait shots, only the newest and most expensive “X” model extend the same feature set to its front-facing camera. Therefore, you will be able to continue taking portrait selfies with your selfie camera rather than having to contort yourself to take selfies with the back camera.

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3. Better and Easier App Switching.

Another key thing about the iPhone X to love would have to be its ease of app switching. Apple decided to take a cue from Android’s operating system with its latest addition to its “X” model. Now, you can easily tap your screen to wake it up from a locked state. Therefore, when your phone is on a desk, you will be able to easily tap on it to wake it up and you can look at your notifications without having to actually lift your phone.

4. Lock Screen Notifications.

Because your notifications can sometimes have sensitive data or information on them, you might want them to be hidden until you actually unlock your phone all the way. By utilizing the new feature in the “X,” you should be able to have the messages and other sensitive data hidden until you unlock it with your FaceID when you make eye contact. This is a great feature that makes using the phone and keeping your information secure a breeze.

Overall, there is a lot to love about Apple’s new iPhone X. It is simply one of the best phones on the market despite its high price. The iPhone X is worth its cost of admission given its added features, slim bezel design, and large screen size.

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